Always – 16x Ultra Sanitary Pads Secure Night Extra with Wings


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  • The LeakGuard protective edges help prevent leaks
  • Super absorbent pads with InstantDry system that absorbs moisture in seconds
  • The OdourBlock technology neutralizes odors
  • The wings help keep your pads in place for comfort and optimal protection
  • This product contains 1x Always – 16x Ultra Sanitary Pads Secure Night Extra With Wings

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Enjoy an undisturbed night’s sleep and say yes to triple protection: Always Ultra Secure Night Extra sanitary napkins with wings have 3 protection functions so you don’t have to get up at night to check if your sanitary napkin is leaking or to replace it. A 9% larger front and 85% larger rear (compared to Always Ultra Normal) combined with our Leak Guard technology ensure you are protected all night long with no leaks. The Instant Dry system absorbs moisture in seconds and keeps it away from the skin. The sanitary napkins have Odour Block technology that neutralizes odors, so you feel fresh and clean during your period. Sleep all night with Always Ultra triple protection. The sanitary napkins are approved by the dermatologists of the Skin Health Alliance. Find the sanitary napkin that suits you with Always My Fit, a sizing system that helps you find the most suitable Always protection based on your period and your lingerie size.



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