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Attends Contours is an anatomically shaped pad designed to manage moderate to heavy bladder and bowel weakness. Contours 6 offers a larger protective area than smaller pads with soft flexible leakage barriers providing added protection against leakage. The Attends Quick-Dry fibres quickly draw liquid away from the skin, and can handle several gushes providing optimum skin dryness. Odour protection ensures long lasting freshness. Recommended for use with Attends Stretch Pants for added security and comfort.

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Anatomically shaped pads designed for moderate to severe urinary and faecal incontinence.

Product features:

Anatomically shaped template for full urine and faecal incontinence.
With a wider part.
Very absorbent template with complete loss of control over bladder and intestinal function, suitable for longer wearing times and as a follow-up supply.
With breathable back side for a comfortable and healthy wearing without sweating.
They are held securely and precisely on the body with the matching fixing trousers.
Pack of 21.

High suction performance due to the powerful suction core. Even with large volumes. Quick to dry again. Skin-healthy pH value. With odour binding. Odour protection. ProDERM: best skin friendliness. Latex-free. Absorbs 10 out of 10.
Breathable material allows air to circulate, which contributes to the health of the skin.
The urine is bound in the absorbent core and securely locked. This prevents the formation of unpleasant goods.
The absorbent core technology with active fibres in the absorption layer ensures a natural, skin-friendly pH value of approx. 4.5 This helps to protect the skin and keep it healthy.
Tested and tested by proDERM, a Institute for Dermatological Research.
The quick-dry technology works directly below the non-woven surface of the product. It quickly absorbs urine and directs it away from the skin into the absorbent core. There, the urine is safely bound and trapped and thus the skin is protected against damage – to maintain the health of the skin. The product can absorb several fluid levels – for optimal leakage protection.


Open the pad fully making sure the back sheet is on the outside and the soft white inner lining is next to the skin. Gently fold and cup the pad length ways to ensure leakage barriers stand up. Place the pad between the thighs if possible from front to back with the larger area of the pad towards the back. Smooth out the pad and pull up pants high to ensure a snug fit.

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