Attends Contours Regular 8 – 28 Count , Pack of 4


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  • Natural Odour Protection reduces the risk of unpleasant smells. The core technology with the curly fibre acquisition layer helps to guarantee a low pH which is similar to the skin. This helps to protect the skin and ensures improved skin health.
  • Attends products are tested and approved by proDERM, Institute for Applied Dermatological Research.
  • Quick-Dry is the acquisition layer placed directly below the top sheet where the urine enters the pad. It quickly absorbs urine away from the skin and into the pad and prevents the urine returning to the surface. It can handle several gushes of urine without affecting how the pad works which results in exceptional skin dryness and leakage protection for the user.

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Attends Contours Regular 3 is an anatomically shaped pad designed for light incontinence to absorb small amounts of urine. Can be worn with your own underwear. Soft leg elastics, which helps reduce leakage by providing a natural shape.


Open the pad fully making sure the back sheet is on the outside and the soft white inner lining is next to the skin. Gently fold and cup the pad length ways to ensure leakage barriers stand up. Place the pad between the thighs if possible from front to back with the larger area of the pad towards the back. Smooth out the pad and pull up pants high to ensure a snug fit.

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