MoliCare Premium Lady Pants, Size M, Discreet Usage for Bladder Weakness Specially for Women, Aloe Vera, 5 Drops, Count 8


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  • DISCREET USAGE: This disposable underwear provides secure protection against bladder weakness and is invisible under clothing. It is worn in place of normal underwear
  • KIND TO SKIN: The surface of the liner is pH-neutral to the skin and helps main its natural value of 5.5. The absorbent core quickly retains liquid and locks it away inside the liner
  • FAST ABSORBING AND SAFE: Perfect all-round protection thanks to rapid absorption, leakage protection and odour neutralisation. For optimal peace-of-mind and confidence with incontinence
  • FAST DRYING: The MoliCare Fast Drying System quickly absorbs liquids, prevents rewetting and ensures your skin feels dry, which helps prevent skin irritations
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: The soft, breathable material with its aloe vera-treated surface is pleasant to wear and fits as comfortably as conventional underwear

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MoliCare – special solutions for you as a woman.

Do you feel good?

Even with incontinence, there is safety every day. With special solutions for you as a woman. Enjoy your active everyday life carefree. These pants offer women safe, discreet protection and keep skin dry and healthy.

Actively create your life.

Incontinence is not a reason to put your head in the sand. You can do so much to continue to go through life self-determined.

Many women know this: Small amounts of urinary are released during physical stress, when coughing, coldness or laughter. Commonly referred to as bladder weakness, doctors call this form of incontinence “stress incontinence” or “stress incontinence”.

MoliCare Premium Lady Pants

Specially designed for women.

MoliCare Premium Lady products have been specially developed for the female anatomy and offer the safety you want for bladder weakness.

Specially designed for women, the pants allow you to wear all the freedom of movement you need and offer you the safety you want.

Enjoy your active everyday life.

The lady pants offer perfect all-round protection thanks to quick suction performance, leakage protection system with elastic foam cuffs and quick-drying system.

The soft distributor pad ensures a pleasant feeling on the skin.

Low waistband and soft, silent materials make it discreet

MoliCare Premium Lady Pants

The anatomically shaped MoliCare Premium Lady Pants offer protection and safety for moderate bladder weakness.

MoliCare Premium Lady Pants are available in two different sizes.

Size M fits waist 80-120cm, Size L fits waist 100-150cm.

Available in absorbencies 5 and 7 drops.

Absorbent and safe with 3-ply absorbent core.

The MoliCare Premium lady pants have a powerful three-layer absorbent core that absorbs liquid quickly, binds tightly and neutralises odours.

Active skin protection pH 5.5.

To maintain the skin healthy, its natural acid protective coat must be protected. That’s why this MoliCare product contains an antibacterial material that quickly absorbs liquid and ensures a pH value of 5.5, which is neutral for the skin.

Quick drying.

The powerful triple layer absorbent core absorbs liquid quickly and prevents rewetting. Back remains a completely dry skin feeling.

Super soft

This MoliCare product is made from a soft and breathable material for maximum comfort.

Professional life.

No restrictions in professional life.

Incontinence discreetly integrate incontinence into your work life – even if an appointment takes longer.

MoliCare premium lady pants give you the safety you need in the workplace – and very discreet.

Sports and movement.

So you stay active with incontinence

Stay in motion: with the highly absorbent MolicCare premium products.

Anatomically shaped incontinence pants give you the safety and flexibility you need during exercise – and discreet.

Everyday wear.

So you can master your everyday life with incontinence.

Whether a cinema visit with friends, a short holiday with the family or a few nice hours with your partner.

It is important that you rely on particularly reliable products that stay dry even with prolonged wear, do not sweat and protect your skin.

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MoliCare Premium Lady Pants, Size M, Discreet Usage for Bladder Weakness Specially for Women, Aloe Vera, 5 Drops, Count 8 MoliCare Premium Lady Pants, Size M, Discreet Usage for Bladder Weakness Specially for Women, Aloe Vera, 5 Drops, Count 8
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