MoliCare Premium Men Pants, Discreet Usage for Bladder Weakness Specially for Men, Aloe Vera, 7 Drops, Size L, Pack of 7


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  • DISCREET USAGE: This disposable underwear provides secure protection for bladder weakness and is discreet under clothing. It is worn in place of conventional underwear
  • KIND TO SKIN: The pH-neutral properties help the skin to maintain its natural value of 5.5. The absorbent core quickly absorbs liquid and locks it away inside the liner
  • FAST ABSORBING AND SAFE: Perfect all-round protection thanks to rapid absorption, leakage protection and odour neutralisation. For optimal peace-of-mind and confidence for people with incontinence
  • FAST DRYING: The MoliCare Fast Drying System quickly absorbs liquids, prevents rewetting and ensures your skin feels dry, which helps prevent skin irritations
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: Designed specifically for the male anatomy, these underpants feature soft material and added stretch making them extremely comfortable to wear.

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Overflow incontinence ? a common problem among men Being unable to control your own bladder can be extremely burdensome and can make everyday life very difficult. The problem is caused by illness or age-related disorders of the bladder and the prostate. Feel good again in your own skin and live life to the full Feel confident and secure again with the new MoliCare? Premium MEN products! With underwear liners designed specifically for the male anatomy, you can regain your sense of security and self-confidence, and feel good about yourself again. For an active life with a high degree of comfort! Underpants designed specifically for men for all-round protection, discreetness and excellent comfort These liners can be discreetly worn in your underwear without anyone knowing. Easy to use and comfortable to wear, they give you the protection you need. Liquid is quickly absorbed from the surface and any odours are locked away ? for optimal, reassuring protection that is highly discreet.

Advantages of MoliCare Premium MEN pants

?Specially designed for men

?Highly discreet with a fabric-like reverse

?Complete feeling of dryness

?Maintains the skin?s natural pH value

?Neutralises odours

?Dermatologically tested Trust in HARTMANN?s extensive expertise. Do whatever you want again and whatever makes you happy with the new MoliCare? Premium MEN Pants!

From the manufacturer


MoliCare Premium MEN Pants ? Optimal security, specially designed for men

Enjoy an active life everyday with the freedom of movement, discretion and security you need with MoliCare Premium MEN pants.

The pants were developed especially for men and are as easy to use as underwear but with the added benefit of providing reliable incontinence support. MoliCare Premium MEN Pants are suitable for mild to moderate bladder weakness, depending on the absorbency level.

MoliCare Premium MEN Pants offer maximum security everyday thanks to their fast absorbency, reliable leakage protection and quick-drying system. Anatomically shaped, these pants are as comfortable to wear as regular briefs or underwear. Their skin-neutral pH value and breathable materials offer optimum security and protection for the skin in intimate areas that can be irritated by incontinence.


Reliable all-round protection & security

Reliable all-round protection for mild to moderate bladder weakness thanks to the three-layer absorbent core and fast absorption. Additionally supplemented with MoliCare?s leakage protection and quick-dry system.


Reliable all-round protection & security


Comfortable to wear & reinforced protection


Discreet & easy to use


Advanced skin protection





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